Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's list.....

Once upon a time the boy asked me to have a browse through his phone address book and rate his friends. Rate his friends??? Rest assured I declined, a) because first of all, how do you rate your friends exactly?? and b) I'm sure he was just bored and possibly looking for a fight*.

Making lists is a fun thing to do, as long as no-one gets hurt in the process. It's helps set priorities and let's other people inside your head just a little. Today here is a list of things I will never understand

* How exactly television works ( And not in a Willy Wonka way)

* Why my dog flat out refuses to eat out of a bowl or walk over metal grates

* How to spell restaurant ( three cheers for spell check)

* Scrunchies. Enough said.

* Why people rely on staring in reality shows ( I'm looking at YOU masterchef) to follow their dreams/start a new career. They're clearly amazing enough to do it solo.

*Algebra ( sorry Mrs Silsby**)

*Why my mum sees it as a personal attack when I can't talk on the phone to her right now.

* The relevance of the above picture to this post. Or this post to this blog even.

Disclaimer: No friends feelings were trampled on during the making of this list. No promises for next weeks though.

* not that this is a common occurrence, think he was just trying to be controversial
** my year eight math teacher. She had a beard, which was VERY distracting. So,you see, not exactly my fault I don't understand algebra.